Locations of your local electrician

Rixir Electrics has qualified electricians based in all areas of Melbourne. This means that your “go to” local electrician is only a phonecall away no matter where your reside. We can assist with any electrical need you may have in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Your local electrician will be well trained ensuring receive only the best possible advice to help you to make an educated decision.

Rixir Electrics locations

Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Rixir Electrics offers its customers from Toorak to well beyond Lilydale an effective solution to solve whatever your electrical issues is.

Southern Suburbs of Melbourne

If you are looking to hire a local electrician based in the Southern Suburbs of Melbourne look no further.

Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

Rixir Electrics is your first point of call for people who need to hire a local electrician in Northern suburbs Melbourne.

Western Suburbs of Melbourne

Rixir provides you a fast, affordable electrical solution for whatever your electrical drama may be in the Western suburbs.

Melbourne CBD

When you require a domestic electrician in Melbourne’s CBD call Rixir Electrics to help solve your electrical issues.


Melbourne’s local electrician

All Rixir Electrics staff are fully qualified and insured. This means that you can rest easy knowing that all electrical work carried out by Rixir Electrics, will be in a safe and professional manner. Call them now and share your electrical concerns, we will listen and provide the smartest solution.

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